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Ductulator (not ours, please check work with formula above):

Installer for Kwik Model with EnergyGauge Loads (new purchases or reinstall)

(Note: After installation, the Kwik Model 3D user interface can be easily updated without downloading the entire program again.   See “Newest Release Version of Kwik Model 3DUI” below.)

This is the most recent installer for the full Kwik Model with EnergyGauge Loads for new installs or re-installs (can be activated with current license key):

  • Download the installer
  • Run the executable launcher (.exe file)
  • If prompted, click “Repair”.
  • Kwikmodel.exe should appear in C: > Program Files > Kwik Model
  • Do not remove exe file from folder. Right click and either click “pin to taskbar” or “create shortcut” and drag new shortcut wherever you want, such as the desktop.  If you don’t update shortcut, it will try to run the previous version.
Newest Release Version of Kwik Model 3D UI (v 1.2.131)

KwikModel Version 1-2-131
Updated 11/13/2023
(-Note: If you haven’t done so since late 2021, be sure to download and run the newest version of the Kwik Model with EnergyGauge Loads installer from the section above)
(Note 2: some versions of KwikModel had one of the floor types (R19 over unconditioned) set to the incorrect R value, please check this value in the libraries tab in existing projects)

How to install Kwik Module 3D UI updates (watch video or see instructions below):

To download, click on the downward arrow at the top right of the drive page:

Then unzip the downloaded file, and run the Kwikmodel.exe within.

We’d also recommend right clicking on the Kwikmodel.exe file and pinning it to taskbar.