Sample Houses:

Step by Step Instructions:

Most recent installer for Kwik Model with EnergyGauge Loads (can be activated with current license key):

May 18, 2020 –

– Download the installer from the website.

– Run the executable launcher.

– If a prompt comes up hit repair.

– Kwikmodel.exe should appear in C:/programfiles/kwikmodel.

– Keep the exe in the folder but right click and either click pin to taskbar or create shortcut and drag said shortcut wherever you want, such as the desktop.

Instructions for Sketching a Rough Floor Plan of an Existing House (for use with the Field Draw feature):

KwikModel Installer/Updater

Download and extract this zip file into a KwikModel folder or an empty one. it will create a folder called installer. Then run the exe file inside the installer. It should install into the outer folder containing the installer folder.