Kwik Model 3D

We are very excited to announce that we will be rolling our our full release version at the IHACI Trade Show on November 20, 2019 in Pasadena CA. It will be a full HVAC design version with heating and cooling load calculations, equipment selection, and duct sizing. Stop by our booth for a live demo and prizes. Look for the Kwik Model Booth #114

Kwik Model is an application for quickly and easily creating a 3D computer model of a house with no CAD software or CAD experience.  

It accurately calculates the “take-offs” that are needed for heating and cooling load calculations and energy simulations. These are summarized in easy to read tables and can be exported in spreadsheet format.

The user interface is based on a very popular, super realistic video game platform.  The interface is intuitive, fast, and fun. See for yourself. Watch the videos.

It can draw super realistic HVAC ducts, equipment, registers and fittings to scale. Ducts can be sized manually or automatically.

It is currently in the functional pre-release Beta Version and available at a discounted price.  If you buy the beta version, you will get the release version at no additional cost when available.  The purchase price can be applied toward future upgrades.

It is currently only available for single-computer license (transferable) for Windows-based computers.  Our plan is to eventually have network versions and Mac versions.

Designed by a licensed Mechanical Engineer with 30 years experience in performing and teaching residential HVAC design and energy modeling. His main goal is to make these tasks simple and fun – so MORE people will do it and do it BETTER.