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Kwik Model 3D

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Now with ACCA Certified EnergyGauge Loads

We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with the good folks at the Florida Solar Energy Center who develop and support EnergyGauge USA, an ACCA certified software. “Kwik Model with Energy Gauge Loads” is a seamless software package that utilizes the super fast Kwik Model 3D user interface and performs Manual J heating and cooling loads, Manual S equipment selection and Manual D duct design.

What is Kwik Model?

Kwik Model is an application for quickly and easily creating a 3D computer model of a house with no CAD software or CAD experience.  

It then accurately calculates the “take-offs” that are needed for heating and cooling load calculations and energy simulations. These are summarized in easy to read tables and can be exported in spreadsheet format.

The user interface is based on a very popular, super realistic video game platform. It is intuitive, fast, and fun. See for yourself.

It can draw super realistic HVAC ducts, equipment, registers and fittings to scale. Ducts can be sized manually or automatically.

Designed by a licensed Mechanical Engineer with 30 years experience in performing and teaching residential HVAC design and energy modeling. His main goal is to make these tasks simple and fun – so MORE people will do it and do it BETTER.

(Kwik Model is currently only for the Windows operating system.)

ACCA is Air Conditioning Contractors of America

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