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3D HVAC Design (Coming soon)


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Same features as Take-Off Version: Allows user to create a 3D model and export all of the area take offs into a readable file.

AND the same features as 3D Duct Draw Version: Super realistic 3D duct drawing to scale.  Ducts can be sized manually or automatically.  Also provides duct take off table with sizes, lengths, airflow, velocity, location, room(s) served, etc. If you already know what size equipment you want to use, this versions is ideal.  Just enter the total system airflow and it will size the ducts (trunks and branch run-outs) automatically.  Friction rate can be entered manually or estimated automatically.  Room by room distribution (% of total) can be entered manually or estimated automatically.

PLUS: Fully integrated room-by-room load calculations.  This version allows you to size the heating and cooling equipment, design the duct layout, and size the ducts.